Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Wow! This experiment is going to be fun. I heard from some folks, got some new orders, and realized right away that this will be our way of letting you know about my endeavor.

I intend to have my customers leave feed-back about the candy...what they think of it, new flavors, where they serve it, how their guests or gift recipient responded to it. I am gently expanding my candy-making hobby and as my friends and family can attest to, this candy project comes after making some life-altering changes in my family's life over the last two years.

So....for those of you who want candy info and pics...for the time being I can send product descriptions via e-mail and some photos via Kodak Share on e-mail. But today to start off I will let those who are visiting for the first time know about


My delectable treats should be served to, and eaten by adults only, as they do contain Kentucky Bourbon.

THE CLASSIC KENTUCKY COLONEL has a Kentucky Bourbon creme filling, hand-dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and topped with a half of a Southern pecan.

THE CLASSIC CRUMBLE is topped with a sprinkling of crushed pecans.

HOLIDAY COLONELS are topped with a Christmas tree, Valentine, Shamrock, Easter egg, etc.

BOURBON BITES are smaller bite-sized candies without nuts.

I can make this confection with any other liquor choice...some favorites are Creme de Menthe, Frangelico, and 99 Berries or 99 Bananas.

So welcome to candyland. Tomorrow I'll tell you a bit about my new super beautiful boxes and where I get them...also coming up THE ANDERSON AUCTION! Come back. Annie


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