Tuesday, February 14, 2006


What a difference a year makes. Thank you to all who purchased for today. My Aunt Marlene and cousins Lynn Marie and Carol Jean, look for your sweet treats to get to the beaver state on Thursday. I'm sure you miss your loved one today. Digging through the snow on the corner to get to school today... Tomorrow will be a busy day. Lots of kiddos coming through Annie's Kiddie Camp and Day Spa. I'm grateful for all that has come our way this week. I'm grateful for all that is to come.


Blogger cb said...

Hi 'Cos -

Got your candy and it's great. Fun to get something like that on my porch. Went to dinner on Valentine's with Lynn and Mom and had a lovely time. Thought of you when I was all the snow in NYC. We're just getting frigid temperatures and clear skys! Oregon just seems to miss out on snow events. I really wanted some! Love to all.


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