Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winter Break

We are on Winter Break here. The kids are out of school. I am still working with the kiddos I care for every day. Up until this entry I have primarily written about my candy...let me tell you that my teen-age son has been accepted to Bronx High School of Science, and when we visited there Thursday night it was really very exciting. I am proud of my young man. He has navigated the public school system here in New York City and he has done an incredible job.
WAY TO GO LONGHORN! (see archives, Jan.)

Pink. Pink. Flower. Pink. is working on designs for the logo and poster for her school's spring festival. SPRING FUN AT P.S. 51.

I am on a short hiatus with the sweets. Basking in the glow of thanks from my friends and loved ones. No, thank YOU. *Annie*


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