Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Winter Warmth

I have no complaints. Working today with my little kidlettes...the sweet and saucy Grace, and my new client Eli, whose family tells me they are interested in selling my candy in their new store/cafe in Hell's Kitchen that's fixin' to open March 1st. I think that's exciting and when I know more about it I will share the information. My sweet neighbors Daise and Gregory went to B.J.'s Wholesale tonight and replenished my ingredients. My darlin' Pink. etc. was such a good helper today. After the babies left we walked to Times Square to peruse Toys r Us for a new Barbie that she wanted to buy with her own money. After stopping back home to see if Longhorn wanted to join us, we went to our favorite place on 9th Ave. the Chelsea Grille, for a delicious dinner and delightful conversation. The three of us totally enjoyed watching the fellas on American Idol tonight. That Ace Young was really....reeeeaaaaallly enjoyable.


Blogger MaRougeChausseurs said...

Hi Annie,
thanks for your offer to meet. YES. sounds great. I think you have my email right?

9:25 PM  

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