Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello again!

I have been so busy with my little angels and the multitude of activities and responsibilities that are taking up all my time that I have neglected my blog. It took me forever to recover from being sick. Now my little girl has strep throat. All of my clients are returning tomorrow...little girl will be home but tucked away in my room....she'll return to school Friday and spend the week-end with her Daddy. I have new candy orders and things are returning to normal. The kiddos got great report cards. My son has inspired me to lose some weight and I bid on and won a six-month membership to the Manhattan Plaza Health Club at the preschool auction. NEW YORK MAGAZINE rated our pool as the best in the city in their "Best Of" issue. I'll be attending the Anderson School Auction this Saturday night.

We are enjoying American Idol so much this season. The shows have been great and I even voted last night. Two of my faves were in the bottom three last week and I couldn't let that happen again. I don't think either of them will win but I want Ace and Lisa to stay around a little longer. Send home the minx, Miss Pickler and young lisping boy soon people. Gotta go!


Blogger Sherri said...

Last night when I wrote the post I was understandably upset and wanting to vent. Today I knew that the words were meant for us alone and I deleted the post. It was not something for all the world to see. We really dont know what is happening with our son. We don't know if what he wrote to my mother is even true or if he crying for attention. We decided today to leave him be and concentrate on what we have control over. We cannot control a 24 year old living in another state. Thanks for your concern. By the way your blog is nice. I will have to check it out more when I have time. I put it in my favorites. Bye for now.

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