Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Thanks for caring. We are doing pretty well considering. The building is bringing in someone to talk to the four teens who were on the court and anyone else who wants to talk. My son will be going to talk on Friday at 11AM. I'd like to go but he would rather I don't go (typical teen, right?, frankly I don't blame him) plus I'm working with my three favorite clients so I really can't attend.

He got his braces on yesterday and is in so much pain that it is distracting him. It's beautiful weather in New York City and the neighborhood children are out on the playground, processing, pointing, shaking their heads, inspecting the bent pole...even leaving tributes.

Thanks for caring all you new girlfriends in cyberspace. Annie


Blogger Sherri said...

No Problem Annie. Your an easy person to care about. I hope your son can have a nice talk with the counselor. I am sure its been hard for all the boys involved. I think men tend to push emotions inside of them instead of dealing with them. Take care

9:14 AM  
Anonymous deana said...

Has your son's pain from the braces eased up yet?

I hope your son opened up to the counselor. I imagine that is very traumatic to anyone but especially a teen or child.

Hope life is brighter today!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Joy Des Jardins said...

It's nice to know they're bringing in someone to talk to those kids. It's usually beneficial. Life does go on, braces and all....

11:19 AM  

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