Monday, March 27, 2006

Hop Into Spring

I had a kid-free week-end and got a lot accomplished. Watched "The Squid and The Whale" was really good. Got a lot of rest and also attended The Anderson School Auction on Sat. night. I came home with some cool stuff and some gift certificates that will be fun to favorite being a round of margaritas and appetizers for 10 people at The Firehouse on 84th & Columbus for..........drum-roll please..........$30. I have some orders to fill this week. The kids have school off on Thurs. & Fri. and one of my son's Christmas presents will be redeemed on Sunday night...a wrestling pay-per-view. He's inviting friends over for the extravaganza and even taking the next day off school so his Dad can take him to his first ortho appt. on Monday. Longhorn is looking forward to his 5 day vacation from school.


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