Friday, April 28, 2006

What's New?

Not much really. Just happy to get back to the routine of school, candy-making and the little sweeties who come every day. Glad it's the week-end tomorrow and we can all get some good sleep. My dreams have been so strange this week. Haven't been getting great sleep, but with the help of a little Tylenol PM last night I slept like a log...dreaming I was fixing up my kitchen like they do on those home shows, where they fix up a place so they can sell it for I was fixing I hear a CRASH that wakes me up...sounds like something fell in the kitchen! I get up to check and a big, I mean BIG needlepoint picture that I made that's hanging in my kitchen had fallen down off the wall and was laying face down on the counter. Good grief! Thank God the glass didn't break. The frame is kind of coming apart and the wire that goes across the frame and hangs on the nail had come off. Oh boy, that's interesting.......snooze.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID! Hope you and Dietrich are celebrating your 50th in style!

My son's 14 birthday is on May 12th. Making preparations for his party which is the 20th. He likes to have his buddies over and attend the International Food Festival on 9th Ave. where they buy a lot of stuff like fart spray, silly string, smoke bombs...all the things that make a mom so happy to have a teen-age male child, "not to be mean or anything"!

I'm off to dream land. Hope you all have a great week-end.


Blogger Sherri said...

You have a good weekend too Annie.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous deana said...

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend!

Trying to get caught back up!!!

7:52 PM  
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