Thursday, August 03, 2006


My son is returning tonight from his Florida vacation. He gets in late, 11pm, so I'm sure he will be hot and tired. I think he had a good time. He only called twice, from stores, to tell me what he was purchasing...once from a Nike outlet, because he was excited about the good deals he was getting, and the second call was to see if I'd reimburse him for two polo shirts he was buying. Nice to see that he is getting some of his school shopping done on his own. Hope I'm not a bad mother to say, I didn't miss doing his laundry or generally having to be responsible for him for the week. Thanks to my friends for taking such good care of him. (He went with one of his friend's family.)
Little Miss Lady is gonna stay at her dad's tonight and he will get her to camp in the morning. I've been kinda bored lately. What with the heat and all. Only one more week of camp for my daughter and then we might go on a little trip to Greenport...haven't decided for sure.


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