Friday, July 28, 2006

Little Miss Lady

Well, yesterday she lost her first top front tooth. She pulled it out while at summer camp here on the plaza. She wanted it out before they went swimming, because she was afraid to lose it in the pool. She looks a bit like Nanny McPhee now because the other top front tooth is really loose as well and is sticking out. Bless her heart!
Teen son left yesterday for his vacation with his best friend and his family. They are in Ft. Lauderdale and Key West. He was really looking forward to it. Happy that he can have such a fun experience.
What are you doing this week-end? Make it a good one.


Blogger Sherri said...

Hi Annie sounds like summer is busy for you too. Just wanted to touch you a bit and let you know I am doing okay..

8:43 AM  

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