Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Graduation Son

This week has been busy with preparations for my son's graduation from middle school. Since he's leaving school early, today's his last day, and the rest of the kids go 'til Wed., I had some extra hoops to jump through. He leaves tomorrow at the crack of dawn to basketball camp. I've been shopping a couple of more times for things he will be needing. And also getting little miss lady some summer things...bathing suits, etc. I spent Thursday at Central Park with her class on Field Day and back home to get ready for her brother's graduation.
My friend from high school brought his lovely wife and kids over Friday night to see us before heading off to a Broadway show. So Friday was spent cleaning the house, washing windows, purchasing food and drink for our little get together, etc.
Saturday my girl and I went to Old Navy for one last round of shopping. Sunday we filled out her Birthday invitations, went to a friends art show, and last night I took the kids and my son's best friend out to dinner to celebrate everyone's accomplishments. It was fun. We went to a BBQ joint called Spanky's off of Time Square. The food and drinks were delicious and I'm snacking on the left-overs today.
So a lot has been going on. I'm getting fat from all this good food. How was your week-end?


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