Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Fabulous Week-end

The big party for my son was a huge success! The weather cooperated and the 9th Ave. International Food Festival was great fun. Little girl and I had such a nice time browsing the booths and deciding what to eat. Actually Sat. I ate left-over Mexican food at our home, but she had TWO corndogs at the street fair and we bought a bag of Kettle Corn (cheddar cheese) and I had my once a year slice of Sour cream, walnut apple pie from The Little Pie Company.
My once a year food indulgence is a gyro and since the food festival lasts TWO days, I had my gyro on Sunday.
The fellas that came for the party were well-behaved. They loved the limo ride and a couple of their friends that are girls showed up and took the ride with them....ramping up the fun factor a bit! The car dropped the two ladies off, one uptown, one downtown, and even though they were a half an hour late coming home ("I'm sorry mom I thought you said 11:30, are you mad"), I received a lot of high fives from the guys when they came in the door.
My son thanked me for the party A LOT. And that made me feel so good.
Now time to start planning for my little girl's party. The theme she has chosen this year is RAVEN.
What's up in your world?


Anonymous Deana said...

Well of course he loved his birthday, you are a great planner! Glad things are well. The street fair sounds like does the food.
I am taking a break from my Taylor voting!

10:03 PM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Hey your weekend sounds fabulous. Wish I had been there. Oh I love Kettle Corn and the pie sounds like a slice of heaven. I never could figure out why they pronounce gyro= hero... I always have to remind myself to pronounce it correctly. Take care

10:18 PM  

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