Friday, August 25, 2006

We're Back

We actually got back a week ago, but with all the post vacation laundry, catching up on chores and business and jumping right back into work I haven't checked in with my blog friends.
We had a great time in Greenport. Lots of shopping, swimming and sunning, riding the carousel, went to the movies, danced to bluegrass music in Mitchell Park...and it was fun at the end of each day to dress for dinner and pick out a nice place to eat. We loved our fancy hotel, the Harborfront Inn. It was a delightful time hanging out with my daughter. The train ride was easy and cheap. And I hope we can do it again next year.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Vacation Time

Little Miss Lady and I are off on our trip to Greenport tomorrow morning. We are taking the train at 7:40 AM from Penn Station. She's never been on a real train before, other than the subway, and I think she will enjoy the sights. We are looking forward to a concert at Mitchell Park tomorrow night and all of the other fun that awaits us.
Son leaves the following day to Lake Champion for a week at Young Life camp. I feel a little weird leaving him here for a day, but his Dad is two blocks away and friends and activities abound on the plaza. He has strict instructions to not have any friends here while we are gone...famous last words, right? I trust him and am confident that he won't blow that trust.
Have a great week friends and I'll be back Friday! Annie

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Carnival Day

Little Miss Lady's summer camp had their Carnival today. Another perfect day, weather-wise, and she had fun working at the lollipop table. Got the suitcases out for our trip. Teen son will go to Young Life camp on Lake Champion, upstate New York next week. And we will travel to Greenport for the week. Looking forward to lobster roll at Claudio's, taking sweetie to the candy store, playing at the beach, riding the carousel, and staying at a nice hotel with a nice pool.
It's been two years since our life changed for the better and I need to reflect on all of the wonderful things that have happened to us. I'm excited for school to start again...excited to get back into Annie's Kiddie Camp and Day Spa...and of course, best of all, continuing to work on MISS ANNIE'S CANDY!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sweet Some Things

Last night was another night of entertainment on the Plaza. Some spanish music. It was a lovely evening weather-wise...and nice to see our community out enjoying themselves. Went to the library yesterday and got some books for my son to read before starting his freshman year at Bronx Science. Got little miss lady some books as well and she finished them all last night! Good to see her taking such an interest in books.
The weather today is breezy and delicious. Such a welcome change after our heat-wave.
I've booked our trip for next week and I look forward to getting some time off to recharge my battery. There's nothing like a break from the city. A well-deserved break if I do say so myself.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sweet Nothings

Nothing going on here. Teen son returned from Florida. He had a blast and we enjoyed hearing about his trip over family dinner the other night. Little miss lady has one more week of camp and next week we are heading out for a little girl-time in Greenport.
Today I cared for a darling three month old sweetie girl. So tiny and cute. Smiling and talking. Smelling so sweet. My first time with her and I hope not my last. Hope you had a great week-end. Can't believe summer is flying by. School is just around the corner.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


My son is returning tonight from his Florida vacation. He gets in late, 11pm, so I'm sure he will be hot and tired. I think he had a good time. He only called twice, from stores, to tell me what he was purchasing...once from a Nike outlet, because he was excited about the good deals he was getting, and the second call was to see if I'd reimburse him for two polo shirts he was buying. Nice to see that he is getting some of his school shopping done on his own. Hope I'm not a bad mother to say, I didn't miss doing his laundry or generally having to be responsible for him for the week. Thanks to my friends for taking such good care of him. (He went with one of his friend's family.)
Little Miss Lady is gonna stay at her dad's tonight and he will get her to camp in the morning. I've been kinda bored lately. What with the heat and all. Only one more week of camp for my daughter and then we might go on a little trip to Greenport...haven't decided for sure.