Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lots of Fun Stuff

This week was fun. Thursday we got tickets through our building for the Big Apple Circus. We go every year, and this year was especially entertaining. Little Miss Lady and I just got home from a day of festivies at the pier at the Hudson River and 44th Street. I think it's Pier 84. It has been made into a beautiful park. Absolutely lovely with a Dancing Waters-type fountain, beautiful public restrooms and cafe space. Lots of walkways and benches and tables. Today there was entertainment and food and free rides on the Water Taxi, face-painting, fishing. What a great time. Wednesday, Little Miss Lady was picked to go with 7 other second graders to Sardi's for lunch for a children's book signing. She had a really nice time. All in all, things are good. Just really busy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Living It and Loving It

Having a beautiful time my friends. My days are so full now that I don't post as much. Don't really feel the need to lately, but don't want to lose touch with some of you. My daily business has been bustling and bringing me much joy. I even worked everyday of the three day week-end. Last week on Monday I celebrated Yom Kipper with a colonoscopy! My own version of ethnic cleansing. I turned 50 in July you know so there you have it. Little Miss Lady and I celebrated by going to Macy's and purchasing two swivel/rocker/recliners...very comfortable. I've got three little ones asleep here so I thought I'd say hey!