Wednesday, March 29, 2006

They won!

We had a blast last night at the game. The Westside All-Stars won! It was a close game, tied 23 to 23 at the half. It was great to see Longhorn play. Afterward we all went out to dinner with our friends and got home just in time to watch the worst, most boring American Idol ever. The song choices were really poor last night, although contrary to what Simon said, we loved Mandisa.

Just finished dipping my candy order for tomorrow. Clients will be arriving soon. The weather is starting to warm up. Since there's no school tomorrow and I have to deliver to the Upper West Side, maybe my sweet girl and I will go to the Museum of Natural History and/or Central Park. LIFE IS SWEET and SO'S MY CANDY! A free sample goes to the first two readers who leave a comment. Sample will be sent by mail so I will contact you to get your address. Have a good day people.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My son will be playing in his basketball league's All-Star game this evening. This will be the first time I've seen him play this year. I'm really looking forward to it.

Today I have candy to make, windows to wash...the game to attend & American Idol tonight!

What's up with you? Leave a comment.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hop Into Spring

I had a kid-free week-end and got a lot accomplished. Watched "The Squid and The Whale" was really good. Got a lot of rest and also attended The Anderson School Auction on Sat. night. I came home with some cool stuff and some gift certificates that will be fun to favorite being a round of margaritas and appetizers for 10 people at The Firehouse on 84th & Columbus for..........drum-roll please..........$30. I have some orders to fill this week. The kids have school off on Thurs. & Fri. and one of my son's Christmas presents will be redeemed on Sunday night...a wrestling pay-per-view. He's inviting friends over for the extravaganza and even taking the next day off school so his Dad can take him to his first ortho appt. on Monday. Longhorn is looking forward to his 5 day vacation from school.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello again!

I have been so busy with my little angels and the multitude of activities and responsibilities that are taking up all my time that I have neglected my blog. It took me forever to recover from being sick. Now my little girl has strep throat. All of my clients are returning tomorrow...little girl will be home but tucked away in my room....she'll return to school Friday and spend the week-end with her Daddy. I have new candy orders and things are returning to normal. The kiddos got great report cards. My son has inspired me to lose some weight and I bid on and won a six-month membership to the Manhattan Plaza Health Club at the preschool auction. NEW YORK MAGAZINE rated our pool as the best in the city in their "Best Of" issue. I'll be attending the Anderson School Auction this Saturday night.

We are enjoying American Idol so much this season. The shows have been great and I even voted last night. Two of my faves were in the bottom three last week and I couldn't let that happen again. I don't think either of them will win but I want Ace and Lisa to stay around a little longer. Send home the minx, Miss Pickler and young lisping boy soon people. Gotta go!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


I haven't posted in awhile because the candy store has been closed since the explosion of Valentine's orders. I have been taking a break from the kitchen...a little rest that happened to coincide with a bout of something that kept me feeling like I had been hit by a moving object. Finally feeling my old self again. I'll regroup and try to get back in the swing of things.